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In our studios we compose music for TV productions, radio plays, theatre and other media. A lot of most different instruments are used but, of course, synthesizer, own samples and high quality sample - libraries,too. The productions mentioned here only represent a small selection.If you are interested and want y o u r production to be
soundrecorded... please contact us.

PDF List of Productions: (selection)

Marcie´s erster Fall

Music: Aldé (Alexander Derben)

Company: Theaterwerkstatt Göttingen, 2006
more info: www.theaterwerkstatt-goettingen.de

Der Berg

Music: Toto Blanke

Company: Satyr Records, 2005

Erwin Grosche sings the hymn to an unkind waitress and
is deaming of a restaurant in which you may drink
white wine out of a red wine-glass...
The poet, dreamer, wag and cabaret artiste
Erwin Grosche gives a fresh impetus to the
German chanson which had no equal since
Ringelnatz. Toto Blanke has composed
the congenial music.
... read more in german at the "Online Musik magazin"

Die Sendung mit der Maus

Music: Toto Blanke

Company: WDR

You can listen to Toto Blanke-compositions in many WDR
(West German Broadcasting) productions –e.g. “Die Sendung mit der Maus” - and on various radio books. Mostly the music is simple but quite catching and always of a n improvising and experimental character.

Finn und das Phantom

Music: Aldé (Alexander Derben)

Company: Theaterwerkstatt Göttingen, 2005

Finn has a lot of stress because of his bad behaviour at school.
When they suspend him he bolts, takes refuge in a little circus where
he meets Lena. The two kids start an adventurous trip through a
fantasy world in which they meet the heroes Finn would like to follow...

Trash your life - LIFE YOUR TRASH

Music:Aldé (Alexander Derben)

Company: Theater Bunt im Domino e.V., 2004

Two teenagers are the protagonists in this play. One evening they meet by chance and hang around that night: they find each other , they lose each other , find each other again and make decisions for their life in future.

Fremde Heimat

Music: Aldé (Alexander Derben) / Company: Theaterwerkstatt Göttingen, 2001

Shirin is Iraqui , Kolja is from Russia. They are guests in a talk show for
kids. The talkmaster reminds them of the theme:
“My home is Germany”. As soon as the two are alone again they star
playing and telling…

Aliso Compositions

latest composition of
Toto Blanke:

Der Berg

Voc, Akkordeon: Erwin Grosche Music, Instruments: Toto Blanke
Horn, Trumpet: Heiko Grosche
Charango: Diego Jasca
Voc: Julia Schreiber
Ja-Voice: Pauline Schweser

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