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In 1980 Toto Blanke started ALISO RECORDS as an independent Label.

As the cooperation with some big distributors e.g. ITM, BGM, ARIS, JPC turned out to be quite successful, other musicians of the Folk- and Jazz scene were taken into Aliso`s programme. When at about the same time the first Paderborn Interenational Guitar Festival took place under Toto`s direction, some international “great names” found their way to Aliso Records.

Production line

When the Internet opened new ways to consume music, Aliso, too, joined the Download-branch and with “Finetunes - Solutions” a qualified distributor was founddelivering the music to iTunes and other stores. So in the future the complete Aliso Back-Catalogue will be available by download worldwide. Moreover the Production-Line 2006 was improved: electronic compositions and short films as well as pretentious popular music will be found in the Aliso Catalogue.

CD - Production

Even if the consumers prefer the music-download, Aliso considers it important to continue producing “normal” Cd´s as there is still a market for them now as before even though not in the department-store but in live-concerts of the musicians. Buying first-hand from the musician or the Label is an attractive alternative for the listener, of course completely different from the more “distant” download.


For interested musicians conditions are simple: Apart from the usual contract according to which Aliso Records pays all costs and the artist only gets a certain share in profits - there`s the possibility, too, that the artist pays all costs incurred with the product remaining in his possession. In that case Aliso Records would only retain some percentages of the downloads in the music-stores and the copyright.

Questions about detailed conditions will be answered by e-mail or Fax: contact

Toto Blanke
Producer & Composer
Publisher and founder
of Aliso Records
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Producer & Composer
Sound Design
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Rose Hinrichsen
Artwork & Designs
and owner of AR

The Aliso Records Team are...

Prof. Jens Wagner
Artist and 
artistic advice